San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick refusal to stand for national anthem ignites controversy

Gay cruising spots in San Francisco range from scenic parks and waterfront vistas to back alleys, bars, theaters, bathhouses and saunas. Men of all ages, types and sizes call the City by the Bay home, and an endless stream of visitors from all corners of the world come to this gay haven for the experience of a lifetime. Discretion is not part of the gay culture or vocabulary in San Francisco, and cruising for sex is part and parcel of the way things work in this magnificent city. It is also a city of neighborhoods that promote a level of tolerance and acceptance while injecting a mecca of cultural diversity that is only rivaled by New York on the east coast. Couple that with the compact design of the city and fantastic public transportation, and gay men here never have to go far to find a little bit of fun. Target Your Search and Stop Wasting Time It can be a challenge to zero in on the right cruising spots in San Francisco simply because of the variety of choices that are available. This is where Squirt.

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But, if I’m to talk about how much dating in San Francisco sucks—and fail to bring up the very real and often negative effect these apps have had on the dating scene—it would be like bringing up how much the 49ers suck, and not even mentioning the disaster that is Jed York.

Blog The Acoustic Grove System For more than half a century, Nihon Onkyo Engineering has designed interior construction for acoustic rooms, recording and broadcast studios, performance halls and public spaces. In October, I was invited by NOE to attend a demonstration at their engineering studio in Chiba, where they would be introducing their Acoustic Grove System AGS , a sound filtering system now used by various recording studios. A small group including journalists, DJs, an astronomer!

There was a short presentation about the history of the AGS, and then we were led into the sound room for some extended demonstration time. The AGS was designed to “greatly improve indoor sound fields”. The genesis of the project stems from the lead engineer’s experience with sound acoustics while walking in the forest. As they explain on their website: At Nihon Onkyo Engineering, our interest in the mysterious sound environment of forests has led us to research focusing on the special behavior of sound waves diffused using mechanisms similar to the trees of a forest.

We also believe that everyone feels a certain magical comfortableness when in a forest. Our development of the Acoustic Grove System was a result of our exploration of the connection between the acoustic mechanisms of the forest and this comfortableness. In conventional acoustic designs for narrow rooms that do not have a particularly large space such as with concert halls , the combination of reflective surfaces and sound-absorbing surfaces result in unnatural and peculiar characteristics in sound reflections.

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No betting trends available for this game. Click here to see all available for MLB. Arizona leads the division with a overall record, but only two games separate them and the third-place Los Angeles Dodgers. The DBacks have a slim one-game advantage over the Rockies heading into play on Thursday night and will be able to control their own destiny down the stretch.

These podcasts by women who were born, grew up, lived in or currently reside in San Francisco range from girl talk to history lessons. Call Your Girlfriend ‘ Call Your Girlfriend ’ is the ‘podcast for long-distance besties everywhere.’.

Even though just 21 percent of people over 12 years old listen to podcosts, we like to imagine it’s the busy, intellectually-curious professionals who are tuning in increasingly for brain food. Below are the top six podcasts for staying in-the-know on corporate innovation, technology news, and startup life — all of which are important topics for an innovation professional.

Innovation Crush Are you blown away by tech trailblazers? You’re going to love this podcast. These crush-worthy intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, and innovation professionals discuss their work and philosophies, typically in under an hour. Some recent interview gold includes: Jack Shannon [Recess co-founder] – Founders of the Future 2. Host Sonal Chokshi , editorial partner at Andreessen Horowitz, interviews startup founders and tech professionals alongside the firm’s deal team to get to the core of a given episode’s focus.

In recent months, notable episodes have included: StartUp Podcast What started as a podcast about starting a podcast has become an insightful series about getting unstuck If you work with high-growth startups, the second season focuses on startup Dating Ring, founded by two female entrepreneurs, while the third and fourth seasons are a treasure trove of great journalism and bizarre stories.

If you’re looking for something different that might spark a little creativity in the ol’ noggin, check out: Pirate Needs Pirate Season 3, Episode 3 [about a swearing, smuggling pirate] The Runway Season 3, Episode 5 [about a suit company for gender non-conforming clients] 4. StratChats by Strategyzer Swiss business model and value proposition design tools provider Strategyzer hosts an interview-based podcast called “StratChats by Strategyzer.

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Craigslist SF is where it all started. People have been buying and selling items since the s. San Francisco has always been one of the hottest destinations to relocate or vacation. From the best cuisine in the world to the stylish estates, diverse cultural experience and the wine country, San Francisco has never lacked for the desire of others to come to their wonderful city for a romantic getaway or to call it home.

The only hard part is deciding where to eat!

Online dating in san jose, california about this, like always. I’m glad i wished you’d be treasured always wished you’d be a few of gay dating free and lesbian dating apps in any. Org is a uk – oct , searching for relationships.

Will Jimmy Garoppolo find his mojo in Week 2? It was a tough season opener for the 49ers signal caller. Garoppolo only managed to complete 45 percent of his passes; he threw a career-high three interceptions; and he lost for the first time ever as a starting NFL quarterback. To be fair, he was facing arguably the best defense in the NFL on the road. And his afternoon would have gone much better if not for tight end George Kittle’s drop of a surefire yard touchdown pass.

Garoppolo should fare much better in Week 2 against the Lions at home. In his first NFL start, Jets rookie quarterback Sam Darnold made fairly easy work of Detroit’s pass defense in Week 1, completing 76 percent of his passes for yards and two touchdowns. He should also receive more help from the running game this week to open up the play-action passing game. All signs point to Garoppolo rebounding nicely in Week 2. Can Matthew Stafford return to form against the 49ers?

Matthew Stafford would like nothing more than to forget that Week 1 ever happened. The Lions’ quarterback endured one of the worst outings of his year NFL career, tossing four interceptions in the blowout loss to the Jets. Regardless, Stafford made several errant throws that were simply inexcusable under any circumstance. The Lions will be switching up their signals this week.


Howie thought the last burg had the inside track on “Worst Place to Find Love,” too. But Denver did it. The year before, we spent a lot of time in Atlanta, Minneapolis and Chicago. But in , we were like, ‘We really need to go do Denver, because something’s off there. We were trying to figure out why there’s such a disconnect.

Because Denver seems to have all the elements where good things can happen.

A candid conversation about dating in San Francisco. All Seasons. Season 1 Join us as we discuss on-again-off-again relationships, DTF messages, Tinder hookups, communication, flaking, and making the first move, and more.

This episode is sponsored by Bookhacker. Check them out on Amazon or Bookhacker. Mate value is the sum of all the qualities you bring to the table. Picking a mating market is a case of going where those traits will be valued the highest. Your mate value is context-dependent and will go up or down depending on the situation. Improving yourself, getting in shape etc. To find a good mating market, go to where the women are. This generally means major cities: Either move close to those places, or move close to public transportation.

Young people tend to cluster in areas of cities that are cheap to live. When moving to a new city, try and find a roommate.

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Do you like reading about the latest technology trends? Then you’ll love this show. The Bay Area, San Francisco, and California in general are undergoing massive political and social change. We tackle issues like homelessness, the housing crisis, dating in the age of technology, startups, and other things you care about. How will it affect your life? It doesn’t matter whether you live in New York, Texas, Arkansas, Bulgaria or Latvia – you will find something applicable to your day-to-day life from this show.

You really do organize the best speed dating San Francisco singles can experience! I got to meet a lot of great men in one fun night! Greg, 34, San Francisco, CA. I had a wonderful time at your San Francisco speed dating events. I would like to thank you for running such a well-organized event!

Advertise With Emily About Dr. Emily Morse In , Dr. Emily Morse had an idea. What if, she thought, you could talk about sex the same way you could talk about any other topic? She is an author, masthead contributor to Cosmopolitan Magazine, and creator of her own mobile apps. As sex becomes an increasingly complex topic to navigate, Morse is a friendly, non-judgemental and open-minded voice that cuts through the clutter.

Focused on inviting people into the conversation, versus calling them out, she aims to be a source for down-to-earth, relatable and unbiased information on sex, relationships, and all that they entail. The Sex With Emily Podcast Now one of the longest running sex and relationship podcasts, Sex with Emily is downloaded nearly one million times each month and continues to sit at the top of most major charts. Emily Morse on Air In addition to her award-winning podcast, Emily served as co-host of the nationally-syndicated radio show, Loveline.

As a regular voice opposite Dr.

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