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Hold It Precision Stiletto This is the most versatile stiletto that we have ever used. One end is made out of heat-resistant silicone and is perfect for pressing seams open. Especially the tiny seam on doll clothes. Just think… no more burned fingertips! Pressing seams open with the heat-resistant stiletto. The other end, your more traditional stiletto point, is great for guiding fabric when sewing. Perfect for holding pieces in place while keeping your fingers clear from the fast-moving needle. The innovate curved tip also makes it so that you have the greatest visibility when sewing. Sewing with the more traditional stiletto end. One last great advantage to this handy tool is its overall design.

Hook and Stitch Crafts: Aurora Mini Doll Pattern + my mothers works

Metal, Wood and plastic. Made by US Metal Toy. Looks like it was hardly used, if at all.

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This hat fits perfectly over the ear with no need for sewing. Position the sewn edges in the center then wrap the yarn tail around the center very tight, knot off and weave in yarn tail. Weave in starting yarn tail. Add in about 5 or 6 French knots with the first color. Fill in the spaces with the 2 other colors. Lay the yarn tails in both directions, that will take away some of the bulk, trim so they are no longer than the green base.

Add flowers to the area in the circle, leave the bottom free, this part will be the stem. Fold the edges of the green together, use the finishing green yarn tail and sew the edges together. Bring the yarn tail through the middle and out at the bottom of the stem, just a little bit away from the bottom as pictured below. Wrap the yarn tail very tightly around the stem then knot off once you get the stem wrapped up to the bottom row of the French knots. Hide yarn tail inside. Top piece of veil: Weave in starting yarn tail Flowers for top piece: Set top piece aside.

mini me crochet doll

Escape will close this window. You will just need an adhesive like miniature putty to adher. Confirm Password By clicking Register, you agree to Etsy’s and. This miniature wall rack is vividly designed with hooks, looking really cute.

Aqua Sun Wheel Square- Free Crochet Pattern This Aqua Sun Wheel was a Facebook Group Mini CAL Challenge! A quick fun square to work up with a ‘sun’ centered in a ‘wheel’.

You plug it in. Has a foot pedal accelerator. There is a large lithographed plastic – heavy cellophane sheet that goes around the two rollers underneath.. It has a colorful – dual roadway design on it. Motor attached to roller. The car is a cool 60s Corvette attached to the rod with also electrical wire attached under it. Also, under the car is a roller in the middle that can move up and down.. Well, when you turn the wheel a little, it aims the car – right or left.

When you turn the steering wheel more.. On each road – in the middle.. The further you press on the pedal the faster the scrolling road moves. Firebird 99 – Remco – Featured motorized wiper blade, beeping horn and directional signal lights.

Reversible Sun Dress for Mini Doll

Almost ready to come out! Caroline has such a beautiful face. She comes with a paperback copy of her first book, “Meet Caroline”. I have not had a chance to read any of the other books in the series, but I really enjoyed this first one. Caroline’s book personality reminds me a lot of Oldest Gal.

Lyrics to “When I Grow Up” song by The Pussycat Dolls: Boys call you sexy (What’s up, sexy) And you don’t care what they say See, everytime you turn around.

Serve your doll a gourmet meal! Set up tables and paper cups. And your AG doll can help! You can play “mommy” and this because you are the mother and you own a shop. Dress your AG doll up in her favorite outfit, or mix and match pieces of clothing to make a new fashion statement. After that, give your AG doll a hairstyle that’s model worthy. If you have a camera, you can even take pictures of your AG doll so that memories of her runway day will always be remembered.

Pretend that you are the paparazzi! Like piercing their ears or doing their makeup and painting toe nails. It can either be a fake or neighborhood business. Make dresses for them and pretend to be the store owner.

Hinge small mini doll house Antique latch hook Carved wood box a6

Plastic Canvas World, January Spotlight on Dolls and Doll Clothes: First published in Norway in Crochet an heirloom-quality wedding ensemble from size 30 and size 10 crochet cotton for a 13″ plush bear.

GS Dolls, Doll Clothes & Accessories on DVD, Annie’s, Computer DVD containing over crochet designs from – , including single patterns and books from Annie’s Attic, House of White Birches, The Needlecraft Shop, and American School of Needleworks and patterns from publications such as Crochet World, Hooked on Crochet, and Annie’s Crochet Newsletter.

INC in each around 12 Round 3: SC in each stitch around 12 Round 6: SC in each stitch around and FO with a long tail for sewing and assembly 9 squish leg flat and stitch through both sides to “seal” and leave tail for assembly Head and Body Round 1: SC in each around 36 Round SC in each around 30 Round SC then DEC and repeat around 12 add that little bit more stuffing that always seems to be needed, it’s very hard to do it later Round DEC around 6 Round INC around 12 Round SC in each around 12 Round SC in each around 18 Round SC in each around 24 Round

Crochet Mini Hook Promotion

My Mini Love Doll Review Wed Feb 09, 6: Wed Dec 08, 7: Have waited a bit to post my thoughts but I don’t know if I could be any happier with this purchase. I love quality products, and this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Had always been interested in a silicone doll, but they always seemed a little too expensive and the idea of wrestling with a pound doll kept me from pulling the trigger.

UNIQUE GIFTS. Welcome to Perpetual Kid! The largest toy shop for kids of all ages! Shop our huge collection of Fun + Unique gifts including Top Gifts from Blue-Q, Big Mouth Toys and Fred & Friends!Our Top Toy of is the Ginormous Unicorn Yard Sprinkler!

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Gingermelon Dolls: Free Doll Pattern for you to Download!

Learn how to make miniature dollhouse furniture, mini paper accessories and get techniques, tips and monthly tutorials. I’m back and I have your January tutorial made. I am using the room box I made last month and showing how to use batteries to light it. The first part of the tutorial shows how to make a battery operated table lamp. I am showing you this because you can’t use the doll house lamps in the catalogs, they run on 12 volts.

Doll Size Curling Iron This doll size curling iron is non electric. The Barrel of the curling iron is 3/32″ (hair over 2mm). I heat mine by clamping it to the post end of the Mini Iron (see below).

You can even find dolls that have original Topper head mold numbers imprinted on them like the Dawn clones ones that actually look like Dawn shown below. The first five dolls on the list below are from the U. Their bodies are made of a good grade of hollow plastic except for the rubbery arms, and the feet are wider with “squared” toes. The H17 Longlocks head mold was used to make the Diana doll and the numbers are clearly visible.

Others have had the H11A number and maybe others faintly visible. I think that Pippa, made in England, by Palitoy, is probably the nicest of the knockoffs that I have seen other than the clones. They have metal pin joints at the knees with solid, hard plastic legs and are very well made. Fashions were no exception with many copied styles. The gowns and dresses made with metallic threads throughout the fabric are some of my favorites.

On this page, you will find photo reference and as much information as I have at this time of both dolls and clothing. If you have information that would complete or clarify my own, please contact me.

Once Upon A Doll Collection : Shabby Chic Kitchen, Dollhouse Part 5

I know I’ve got what it takes to be a real astronaut—creativity, confidence, and a serious science streak. Plus, she can build on her story with advice and activities that help bring out the best version of herself! I love to write songs and play my guitar. And folks around Nashville are starting to take notice.

Free Dinosaur Pattern May 3, / Patterns, What’s New / 2 Comments. I’ve always liked dinosaurs and was looking for a small dinosaur project to work on. When I couldn’t find one I decided to try to come up with one of my own.

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