Male vs Female INTJ: Part 1

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Understanding INTJs in Relationships and How The INTJ Gets Along With Other Types

We have been talking over the internet and phone for awhile and I feel like we have gotten to know each other pretty well. Sounds like a good a reason as any, go for it Our conversation over the phone was pretty deep, we talked about what we wanted in our future, what type of persons we are and what made us tick. It seems to me like we have a tremendous amount in common, I can honestly admit I have never felt so connected to someone i’ve never met.

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INTJs at Play Aside from taking classes, a very beloved INTJ pursuit (see School), INTJs enjoy “appreciating art,” “Playing with computers or video games,” and “Working out/exercising.” They were strongly under represented for “Watching TV 3 hrs or more per day” (Myers et al., ).

INTJs form just two percent of the population, and women of this personality type are especially rare, forming just 0. People with the INTJ personality type are imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, but they do not squander their energy. While this may be intended as an insult by their peers, they more than likely identify with it and are even proud of it, greatly enjoying their broad and deep body of knowledge.

You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant. For example, INTJs are simultaneously the most starry-eyed idealists and the bitterest of cynics, a seemingly impossible conflict. But this is because INTJ types tend to believe that with effort, intelligence and consideration, nothing is impossible, while at the same time they believe that people are too lazy, short-sighted or self-serving to actually achieve those fantastic results. Yet that cynical view of reality is unlikely to stop an interested INTJ from achieving a result they believe to be relevant.

In Matters Of Principle, Stand Like a Rock INTJs radiate self-confidence and an aura of mystery, and their insightful observations, original ideas and formidable logic enable them to push change through with sheer willpower and force of personality. At times it will seem that INTJs are bent on deconstructing and rebuilding every idea and system they come into contact with, employing a sense of perfectionism and even morality to this work.

Rules, limitations and traditions are anathema to the INTJ personality type — everything should be open to questioning and reevaluation, and if they see a way, INTJs will often act unilaterally to enact their technically superior, sometimes insensitive, and almost always unorthodox methods and ideas. This mechanism is applied at all times, to all things and all people, and this is often where INTJ personality types run into trouble.

One Reflects More When Traveling Alone INTJs are brilliant and confident in bodies of knowledge they have taken the time to understand, but unfortunately the social contract is unlikely to be one of those subjects. White lies and small talk are hard enough as it is for a type that craves truth and depth, but INTJs may go so far as to see many social conventions as downright stupid.

INTJ Relationships

I love to analyze, and to understand fully why people act the way they do. In short, I like everything to be put into its rightful box. It measures each person on 4 traits, with two levels each, giving a possible 16 types.

I think this would be a lot cooler if it was a dating website for all types and it was required to take the test before joining to verify that they are actually the type. Then you can choose to look for the type that is most compatible with you.

They would be happy on an island where they can think all day. And that island would be structured perfectly. During all the hours of the day. And everyone goes to bed at a reasonable time. You can study all you want, not be bothered, and can finally focus on your favorite ideas. All problems seem solved, humanity is at status quo She has confusion as to why people can’t see the most logical solution Then she will have to communicate the logical prowess from her brain out her mouth.

Which works, of course, but can be a bit blunt if not careful. INTJs talk with their logical brain, and complain in their head with their emotions. They have trouble being able to get into a relationship until they’re older. These folk love to date other INTJs. Many may choose a hermit-independent life for years.

INTJs at Play

They are constantly embarking on “fix-up” projects to improve the overall quality of their lives and relationships. They take their commitments seriously, but are open to redefining their vows, if they see something which may prove to be an improvement over the existing understanding. INTJs are not likely to be “touchy-feely” and overly affirming with their mates or children, and may at times be somewhat insensitive to their emotional needs.

However, INTJs are in general extremely capable and intelligent individuals who strive to always be their best, and be moving in a positive direction. If they apply these basic goals to their personal relationships, they are likely to enjoy happy and healthy interaction with their families and friends.

Isfp and intj dating the intj is logic-driven personality type with a talent for solving problems and a focus on israel dating sites free are capable isfp and doggie district las vegas intj dating of forecasting far out into the future.

INTJs are well-known for their personality traits such as logic, rational thinking and planning and are often referred as architects or masterminds. This functional stack actually decides on how an individual perceives experience and understands the inside and outside worlds. INTJ uses dominant introverted intuition, auxiliary extraverted thinking, tertiary introverted feeling and inferior extraverted sensing.

This is why you always search for logical explanation behind everything. This is why you have high moral and seek justice and want to make everything right. However, this is only tertiary INTJ personality function and you can easily ignore its importance if logical solution to a problem requires to do so. Extraverted sensing is inferior INTJ function and that means that it is being used the least.

INTJ personality type infographic If you intend to use this infographic on your personal website, please include attribution to www. What does it feel like to be an INTJ? However, INTJs often think that other kids are stupid and would rather play or talk with older people, so they can develop their knowledge base.


Which makes so much sense. Solitary by choice, and I love it. Just do a search on the internet, there are many good aspergers tests, and for personality http:

Intj mastermind introvert, intuitive, thinking, draper mad men donald rumsfeld, us secretary of bronte, author wuthering gh myers-briggs dating is a popular concept, intj men and dating it does not accurately when used without intj romantic instincts.

They hold high personal standards for both themselves and others. This analytical type finds themselves drawn to relationships with other intuitive-dominant types who place a high value on intellectual exploration. INTJs are not impulsive people. In fact, it could take them years to properly decide whether or not the two of you make sense together.

First they have to discern whether or not they are attracted to you. Then they have to assess your suitability as a partner. Last but certainly not least in terms of time allocation , they have to form an action plan regarding which steps they should take to win you over. INTJs are interested in people — what makes them tick, what pushes their buttons and how they operate on a rational and emotional level. INTJs plan out their every move — they have probably been contemplating your date on Friday since Monday.

The Complicated Nature of INTJs Explained to Normal People

This is rather vague, but okay… 2. Did anybody have to look that up though? This list is starting out with some pretty weak entries. Yes, we tend to judge things.

Pros of intj and relationships, sex is the number one going for intj dating site with dating sites nairaland date ourselves. Swipe right – online dating an intj woman school .

According to the Myers-Briggs profile, the INTJ personality is comprised of introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging traits. A relationship with this quiet but self-sure individual can be very enlightening to the participants as a couple as well as on an individual level. Even if an INTJ relationship does not work out, both individuals usually walk away having benefited from the experience.

This individual gathers information and then processes the data in a manner that is more abstract than fact-based. This character is very logical when it comes to making decisions and typically does not have a problem with being proven wrong because they so enjoy being introduced to new ideas and procedures, especially those which can be put to practical use. This sort of person is capable of being proficient in several areas of expertise although they will usually choose to master one particular subject, in which they will likely pursue a career.

INTJ is definitely a perfectionist at heart. Planning, rules, and deadlines help to reinforce the sense of order that INTJ craves. This person would be greatly put-off by disorder and messiness because they not only find it distracting but also inefficient.

intj and dating

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A relationship with an INTJ can be a puzzle as well as a profound journey of self-discovery. Here are some facts about INTJs that you should know before dating us. 1.

April 23, by Lexis Clark Personality is one of the key determiners of the potential for success within a romantic relationship. Compatibility between two individuals can be easily assessed through a survey, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, to determine the likelihood of a relationship enduring or failing. Before continuing on to the following sections, consider taking a look at this awesome course on the foundations of success and happiness.

They are often viewed as highly intelligent and extremely confident, able to answer and respond to questions that fall into their area of knowledge with ease. Their ideas shine in comparison to many of the other types, yet they often prefer to remain out of the spotlight, keeping these insights to themselves and those they deem worthy enough to know. As perfectionists, INTJ types are constantly in search of ways in which they can improve upon ideas and systems.

The factor that contributes to the rarity of this type is their tendency to exude the impression that they are both decisive and imaginative, two typically contrasting personality traits. Unlike many others, the INTJ is able to both design an innovative plan and implement it in a creative manner. The logical thinking T enables each INTJ to rationally explore a new concept and devise a structured method of improving it, while the more right-brain based intuitive N side allows the individual to collect and construct the tools necessary to achieve their goals.

INTJ types are natural leaders and seldom feel stress when expected to make important decisions on behalf of a group. To discover more about the ways in which your attributes and characteristics influence the decisions you make in a wide variety of situations, check out this course on the psychology of personality. Strengths in Romantic Relationships Choosing to enter into a romantic relationship with an INTJ type can be a blast due to a variety of personality factors possessed by these types, which can contribute to a healthy, lasting relationship, including: INTJ types do not seek out reassurance from romantic partners because they are fully aware of their worth.

INTJ Relationships: Enticing the Examiner

May 28, at 4: Did you know that each of us responds differently to stress? I am not as well versed in the area, but I do believe we become our tertiary preference under stress, so what you said makes total sense! Steph July 20, at 1: I agree she is really hard to type.

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I was talking movies with a friend who mentioned a crazy documentary he had recently watched, in which a man began to doubt the veracity of his online girlfriend and piece by piece watched as an elaborately-constructed fantasy came tumbling down. He was careful to avoid spoilers, insisting that I watch the movie immediately. But then last month while I was in Hawaii , I happened upon an episode of the MTV series — in which the original filmmakers assist would-be online romances in a case of the week — and curiosity killed the cat.

I came home and immediately grabbed a copy of the Sundance Documentary. Catfish revolves around Nev, a New York-based photographer who begins a professional friendship with a child artist named Abby after she sketches one of his photographs. She lives in a small town, so Nev happily provides her with images from his travels to give her new and challenging subjects. Were they who they really claimed to be? I may not have fashioned a human being out of thin digital air, but do I represent myself percent accurately online?

By and large I am a proponent of the democratization of the internet but it helps to remember that as the web grows bigger there are more dark corners created. I recently stumbled across an advertisement for an online dating website called Ashley Madison, which caters to people looking for anonymous, extra-marital relationships. You almost have to give the site credit for its blatant honesty. After Catfish, my internet obsession become the blog 40 Days of Dating , in which two hip, New York-based graphic designers decide to put a pin in their years-long platonic friendship and try a publicly-documented dating experiment for 40 days.

They agree to a number of ground rules — they must see each other every day, they must take one weekend trip, they must visit a couples therapist each week — and at the end of each day they document the latest developments by responding to a simple questionnaire, accompanied by the kind of colorful, popping visuals you would expect from two hip, New York-based graphic designers.

Intj and dating.

This has been the case for some time now. You want to fall in love with an uber rational? Added to the rational factor is that INTJ females tend to be guarded in giving their commitment.

As an INTJ, sometimes, I feel not just alone, but like I am the only one who thinks and feels a certain way. Top Stories About Love and Dating. Friends. Parenting. Science. Career. Shop; What Is an Introvert? I know, as an INTJ personality type, that my way of seeing the world is quite different from the norm. I am a woman but I am.

Something calm, but exciting. Walking through a not familiar part of the area you live in together. Listen, adore, have fun. If you go to an amusement park, make time for eating cotton candy in a calm corner and talk about things close to your heart. Ask them what they liked the most, and make it your personal tradition. Hugging before parting the ways, if they are already close to you is also nice. Skinny dip in lakes, run through busy places. Order a super spicy meal and cry and laugh together because neither of you can eat it.

How INTJs and INFPs Approach Online Dating