Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

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Petrol Description Guide price: However it was the C2, the immortal Sting Ray produced between and , that really set Chevrolet’s cash registers ringing and left us with the most desired and collectable Corvette to date. Designed by Larry Shinoda under the guidance of the legendary Bill Mitchell, influences on the Sting Ray’s unique and unforgettable form are said to include: By the autumn of , elements of the two unique Corvettes had been built into XP – the design programme that led to the production of the Sting Ray as we know it.

Dating from the second year of C2 production, , it’s left-hand drive and fitted with the standard cu. The engine bay is most impressive without being over-detailed and illustrates the ‘no-nonsense’ approach to the whole restoration. An excellent example of how an original car should look without the inappropriate ‘bling’ often added during the restoration of Americana.

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Stingray attacks have been on the rise at several beaches along Southern California’s coast and officials believe warming waters have a lot to do with it. but for any month dating back to.

During this island getaway, you will have the chance to touch Southern stingrays, which can reach four feet in diameter! This is the only place in all of Nassau where you can interact with this particular species. Don’t miss out on this exclusive Nassau excursion experience. When you arrive on the island, staff members will break travelers up into groups.

Your tour guide will provide a quick orientation about this species of ray. You’ll then head down to the water and begin the stingray experience. For about half an hour, a trainer will talk about stingrays and give you the opportunity to pet and feed one.

Chevrolet Corvette C2 ‘Stingray’

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Manley Labs Stingray Integrated Stereo Amplifier Review By Dick Olsher

Review By Dick Olsher Call me old-fashioned, or simply reactionary, but I miss the essence of classic tube sound. Marantz, McIntosh, Dynaco, and Fisher, to name just a few of the true giants of the golden age of tube audio, were instrumental in defining my notion of classic tube sound. This is sound so smooth, rich, and passionate that you’d swear that the music’s harmonic tapestry was dripping with honey.

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The C7 Stingray boasts many superlative qualities, but what is perhaps most astounding about this latest-generation Corvette is its range in drivability. Keep everything in default mode and the car will rival a luxury sedan in its compliancy. But no one drives a Vette for comfort, do they? I was about to discover how well they would work in practice. The GM rep looks my way, smiles, and drops his checkered flag. I mash the throttle and slingshot into the first straight.

Corner after corner, I grow accustomed to its spirit and attack turns with increasing speed and courage. The faster I hit them and succeed, the faster I attack the next. Conquering apexes with sharp precision and gunning the throttle at the out sends chills up my spine, as does feeling the tail slightly break loose before re-gripping and shooting forward toward the next corner.

And I consume each turn faster and faster because, dammit, the Vette handles every body blow I throw… until midway through lap No. An engineering achievement that cannot be overstated — the technology really is Best in Show. It has to be felt to be believed. The end result is hair-raising corners that make you feel like Sebastian Vettel boosting out of the Parabolica.


Share this article Share ‘Concerned I’d become shark bait if I stayed bleeding in the water, I screamed and shouted and my boyfriend Dave, 55, to come get me. Dawn North, 44, accidentally stepped on the animal while on holiday in Khao Lak, Thailand, and was jabbed through her foot with the painful and poisonous barb. Alert a lifeguard and dial to request an ambulance if you’re stung by a stingray.

There’s no antidote to stingray venom, but the pain caused by a sting can be relieved by:

Stingray Encounter Cruise Tour. See stingrays up close on this unique Nassau this island getaway, you will have the chance to touch Southern stingrays, which can .

The cameraman, Justin Lyons, is said to be the sole witness to the Sept. But he does not believe the footage should ever be shared with the public. Advertisement Lyons’ recollections were rocketing around the Internet on Monday morning. It underscored our enduring fascination with the Australian conservationist who sported a blond mullet and khakis as he traipsed the world in search of wild and dangerous animals.

Irwin allowed us to channel our inner explorer by following along, and introduced the masses to his oft-used exclamation of astonishment: All grown up, and courting controversy In what is being billed as a world exclusive interview , the underwater cameraman told Australia’s Studio 10 that some of the details that were initially made public about Irwin’s death were incorrect. According to Lyons’ account, he and the year-old Irwin were about eight days into filming a series called “Ocean’s Deadliest” when they found themselves in chest-deep water near Queensland, Australia.

They came across a “massive” 8-foot-wide stingray. Despite their impressive size, stingrays are normally docile creatures that do not pose a threat. The cameraman and Irwin shot some footage that they hoped to use for a different project, and were conferring on what they’d gotten so far.