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Unknown as to last date in business The trademark for A. Lindroth Company, North Attelboro, Mass. The pin is considered to be of the Edwardian era English kings named Edward and designed for the very elite. Jewelry by this company is hard to find let alone little is know of the company and it is surmised that the company went out of business in the s. The jewelry has been classified good quality with unusual gothic designs and was highly popular in the s having had the Art Deco decorative look of the s and s Many items had a style typical of the Renaissance, Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Rococo ornamentation. The unusual stones used in the jewelry were set in antique gold-tones or bronzed metals. Many of the s pieces had a decidedly Art Deco look. The jewelry pieces were marked: The company ceased operations in

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A more complete listing of the mark variations can be found in Charles H. Carpenter’s fine book, “Tiffany Silver”. The examples illustrated here include only John C. Moore’s mark, some others were:

This group of gold jewels from Tiffany & Co. sold at Christie’s London in for $2,, with the help of their marks – a brooch signed Paloma Picasso, Tiffany & Co., with maker’s mark T&Co., and heart pendant and chain signed Tiffany & Co. and De Beers. London hallmarks date .

How to Identify a Real Tiffany Lamp Ted Stiffel illuminated the functional world of lighting by designing lamps following the art deco and minimalist aesthetics of his day. Up until he formed his Chicago-based company in , most lamps — except those made by Tiffany — lacked any attractive appeal. Once Stiffel introduced artistic qualities to lamp designs, many companies copied him to create similar, but cheaper, lamps.

One of the hallmarks of a Stiffel lamp besides its aesthetic appearance is its weight. All Stiffel lamps are carefully weighted. Outfitted with the Stiffel switch, this Stiffel patented design was produced on his pole lamps from the s until he lost the use of his patent after a Supreme Court case in The switch works by allowing you to grasp and gently pull down on the pole’s shaft to turn the light on or off.

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Antique Cufflink Archive Below are cufflinks and dress sets we have sold in the past. If a pair catches your eye, please let us know and we will be happy to let you know when a similar pair next crosses our desk. An elegant marriage of Sapphires and antique gold. Crafted in 14kt gold, circa The engine-turned pattern beneath the blue enamels is reminiscent of cool blue fireworks bursting in a night sky.

Gorham has used date marks on mid- to high-priced holloware since Date marks are occasionally found on silverplated holloware and very rarely on flatware.

Exploring the World of Gold Hallmarks Posted on August 12, Over the weekend, I spent some time helping at Betteridge in Southampton and wanted to familiarize myself with the new estate pieces. To confirm my hunch, I grabbed my loupe and examined the brooch. Little did I know I had opened a whole new fascinating facet of antique jewelry. Image courtesy of the Hallmark Research Institute In addition to their original intention for consumer protection, hallmarks today tell us a story about the jewels bearing them.

Image courtesy of the Hallmark Research Institute. Without question, the French system of hallmarking, which dates back to the 13th century, is the most complex. Instead of numbers, a selection of symbols in the form of animals and heads of animals and people, insects, and birds have been used to indicate fineness, place of manufacture, imports and exports. New and old French Hallmarks are a mixture of symbols in the form of animals and other natural elements.

The horse head helps date the piece because this particular hallmark was struck in gold jewelry or jewelry containing gold parts between and The third hallmark, the dog head, indicates the brooch contains platinum and has been used by the French since A closer look at the French eagle head hallmark. Lang Antiques While my investigation resulted in dipping my toes into the vast pool of hallmarks, the experience certainly piqued my interest in the study of these veiled marks.

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A costume jewelry identification guide to jewelry history, jewelry designers, jewelry marks, jewelry signatures, jewelry research Researching Costume Jewelry Marks – T © to present Jewelry History – Jewelry Research – Jewelry Marks – Jewelry Signatures – Jewelry Articles – Jewelry Galleries.

When valuing a piece, looking at the quality of the decoration can often be more important than determining the age. From the mid th century to the beginning of the Great Depression, Haviland Limoges dinnerware was extensively marketed in America. There are currently few Limoges reproductions on the market. Limoges History The Limoges porcelain sought by collectors today was actually produced by a number of factories in the Limoges region of France from the late s until around Production did not cease in , however.

This arbitrary cutoff date simply denotes a change in the global economy when the styles of Limoges wares notably changed from very elaborate to more basic in design. At one point in the s as many as 48 companies were producing wares marked Limoges, according to ceramics expert Mary Frank Gaston.

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Symbols on Precious Metals and what they mean British Hallmarks and maker’s marks on Sterling Silver Silver marks are usually shown in groups of anywhere from two to as many as six. Some of these symbols are for Taxation or Duty Collection purposes. Precious metals were regarded as part of the National Treasure or Federal Reserve of many countries and authorities devised copious methods of assessing its value and also constantly monitored the overall quantities available within the national borders at any given time, whether in the form of raw silver ingots or silver items and jewelry.

Dating Royal Copenhagen Marks Searching for Dating Royal Copenhagen Marks?. Beautiful handpainted and vintage oval serving dish. produced by bing and grondahl (now royal copenhagen) in the classic and elegant empire design. the dish is in very fine condition no chips, cracks or repair. any white spots are fom the camera flash. there is many scratches the base, and therefore i can not tell.

Although America was in a deep economic recession, the store soon acquired a respected name and flourished with its quality merchandise imported from Europe, India and the Orient. In , a new partner, J. The first of the Tiffany ‘Blue Book’ catalogs appeared in and with it the first indications of silver merchandise carried; a small range of personal items and all, almost certainly, imported.

The firm expanded to larger quarters at Broadway in , the move enabled a significant increase in the retailing of silver and jewelry. It is here that American made silver finally took its place alongside the Tiffany name. The goods were made mostly by New York City silversmiths and often bore their maker’s marks, as well as the Tiffany retailer’s mark. Deciding that they wanted more control, they contracted with the firm of John C.

Moore, one the finest American holloware silversmithies, to produce exclusively for Tiffany’s. Over the next two decades, Tiffany worked closely with J. Moore and, increasingly with his son, Edward Chandler Moore, who had fully taken the reins of Moore concern in the ‘s. In , at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, Tiffany’s became the first American firm to win an award for excellence in silver. Tiffany made a landmark decision in , he reached an agreement with Edward C.

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Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing % by weight of silver and % by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of Tiffany .

Home Dates London Date Letters Click on the letter you want to date or on a date letter cycle column in the table below to see a larger view scroll down for earlier dates: It has been in operation since the s when a law of Edward I required all silver sold in England to be of at least the same quality as the silver currency hence the term “sterling” for the silver standard. Originally the assayer would visit the workshops of the gold- and silversmiths to perform the assay.

If items passed they were authenticated with the King’s mark, a leopard’s head. By it was deemed more practical for items to be brought to Goldsmiths Hall for assay and a permanent assay office was established there. This is the origin of the term “hallmark”. In the leopard’s head mark was adopted as the mark of the London Assay Office.

A letter mark coinciding with the date of assay was first introduced in London in Originally it signified the Assay Master responsible for testing and marking the silver.

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Antique Cufflink Archive Cufflinks of great beauty and artistry were created in the years from to It is little wonder that this era has been described as the Golden and Platinum Age of Cufflinks. This gallery is a celebration of the extraordinary variety of beautiful cufflinks, the numerous designs and styles, created during the period. Carter Sapphire and Gold! Elegant gold cufflinks with regal borders and radiant star bursts set with rich blue Sapphires.

An elegant marriage of Sapphires and antique gold.

Tiffany Silver Marks & Dates ~ Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Makers’ Marks. Visit “Lds dating ysa” “Georg Jensen Silver Marks – Encyclopedia of Silver Marks ” See more. from Pinterest. Antique Glassware Antique China Dishes Antiques Online Pottery Marks Antique Pottery Makers Mark Vintage China Milk Glass Ceramics.

Trying to understand what the marks mean on your Jewelry can be really challenging for ANYBODY and that’s the exact reason I decided to create the Hallmark Challenge Dare The following information provides a general introduction to hallmarks. If British Hallmarks is your area of interest, be sure to read and bookmark the Guide to Hallmarking in Great Britain How to safely Invest Money in Jewelry?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for awhile, you’re aware or you’ve been affected by the value of the dollar. People are buying gold and silver as a safe haven. Doomer porn or prudent preparation? A magnifying glass, or jewelry loupe helps to see the marking much more clearly. This vital little tool, makes a hallmark determination much easier and you will have a much better chance of success.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of different marks on jewelry from countries all over the world! Today, when people talk about hallmarks, they could be referring to just about anything Strictly speaking, a HALLMARK refers to the metal content, it’s the caratage which may be in the form of the millesimal fineness, like ” ” which may follow or proceed pictures, letters, numbers, stamps, initials, engravings. Not surprisingly, gold investors who buy physical gold, like gold jewelry are often unsure if all these jewelry marks are really that important.

British Hallmarks like Antique Jewelry have stood the test of time, and are trustworthy.

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You can inspect your watch for the make and model in order to identify it as an authentic Tiffany watch. There are many online sellers offering fake Tiffany watches and other jewelry. Step 1 Inspect the watch links if there are any.

Silver Marks Encyclopedia. An extensive reference guide to silver marks, hallmarks, trademarks and maker’s marks found on antique and vintage silver, especially sterling and coin silver, and silverplate.

Shapes of Leaded Glass Shades Cone Lower border with irregular shaped lines such as dragonflies or flowers were typically globe shaped Upper and lower borders with irregular shaped lines Glass, Base and Stem Characteristics The unique glass used in antique Tiffany leaded glass shades often help with the identification of an original lamp. All of the glass used in Tiffany lamps was made at the Tiffany factory. Many of the earlier lampshades were made with the left over pieces of glass from the production of Tiffany’s glass windows.

Other glass pieces for the lampshades were poured and then cut into shapes. Extremely delicate lines surround each piece of cut glass. Tiffany achieved this by wrapping the edges of the cut glass pieces in copper foil and then fusing them together. The lines were finished with a product that gave it a bronze patina making it blend well with the overall look of the lamp.

The colors of the glass range from pale to brilliant. None of the glass in an original Tiffany lamp is painted.